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Sustainability at Don Genaro

Don Genaro Curacao

By sustainability we understand regionally required environmental and nature conservation measures that we carry out on our island of Curacao.

In addition, we stand for local social improvements, such as fair working conditions for the local population.

Animal welfare is also an important issue for don Genaro.

What we do:

Don Genaro is particularly aware of his social and ecological responsibility, collects glass, plastic and aluminum cans and brings them to the recycling center himself.

The warm water is generated by solar energy, the air conditioning and the garden lighting are also operated by solar panels.

In cooperation with our dive center, "clean ups" (divers collect the rubbish from the sea) are carried out regularly at various sections of the beach and dive sites.

A large basin collects the rainwater from all the houses, which is used to irrigate the large tropical garden.

For Don Genaro it is a matter of course to meet his employees on an equal footing and to be friendly and helpful to them. We also give people with disabilities a chance to work.

Don Genaro pays his employees above average. In addition, it is a great added value for the employees to fairly divide the leftover groceries etc. among them after the guests have left.

Don Genaro supports the animal organizations "I Animal", "Rescue paws Curacao" and "Kitten Rescue Curacao Foundation"


Don Genaro is aware that air travel is currently not sufficient in terms of sustainability. The fact is, however, that the airlines KLM and TuiFly are leaders in the aviation industry in the field of sustainable management. In 2019 alone, KLM reduced Co2 emissions per passenger and kilometer by 30%.

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