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Our dive center is called "Central Dive Curacao" and that is Dunja and Marcel. They are happy to show you the underwater world of Curacao

If you have never dived and intend to do it, you should definitely start here on Curaçao, the conditions are phenomenal!


But regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional, Curaçao is still an undiscovered gem and with its simple, relaxed conditions and beautiful, very healthy reefs, it is

simply ideal.


25 ° -29 ° C water temperature, no to little current, wrecks, turtles, dramatically sloping reefs or cozy ramp reefs. All of this is possible and can be done directly from the beach!

Diving School Curacao
Central Dive Curacao

Diving on Curaçao

Do you fancy diving? There are  at least 30 great beaches and over 60 diving spots to discover on the island!

The Don Genaro apartment complex is ideal for divers since we have our own diving center called Central Dive Curacao.  Our cooperative partners Dunja and Marcel provide the Don Genaro guests with everything they want and need. Let our service surprise you and let the experienced diving professionals show you the underwater world.

Don Genaro has its own diving hut on the property, you can drive up directly by car and from there load or unload the tanks, rinse your diving equipment in the water tanks and hang it up there too. Diving tours and courses can be made directly from Don Genaro by reservation.

Check out our diving packages "Live Drive & Dive Specials". The perfect carefree diving package for a special price. If you have any questions about diving, write to

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