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Discover Willemstad

Visit the lovable capital Willemstad with the famous floating Ponton Bridge, the many colorful houses and friendly people. Stroll through the historic neighborhoods Punda, Otrobanda, Pietermaai and Scharlow and visit the World Heritage Site, the trading cake, the floating market, the rustic cooking kitchen or the synagogue. Discover the many fantastic streets paintings and do not forget to visit the country house Chobolobo, the place where the famous liqueur Blue Curacao is made.

Ten places to discover in Willemstadt:


Emma Bridge- The 'Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge', or Emma Bridge for short, is a globally unique, mobile wooden pontoon bridge

Punda / Handelskade / World Heritage - Dutch colonial architecture. The historic harbor front in Punda - also called "Handelskade" - was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997

Floating market

Fresh fruits and vegetables from Venezuela.

Old market hall / the 'Marshé Bieu'

Food stall - eat well and affordabl Creole cuisine with African origins.


You have to see this quarter. You will find wonderful restaurants and bars with live music here. This district has blossomed into a nightlife district with a unique. atmosphere in recent years.


A walk on the Scharlooweg along the many historical villas shows the splendid colonial architecture of bygone times.

Otrobanda / Riffort

The old fortress "Riffort" is located in Otrobanda, directly at the mouth of the Sint Annabaai and, in addition to historical walls, today offers a successful tourist offer.

Kura Hulanda / Museum

Exciting story about the reconstruction of an old working-class neighborhood and the construction of the entire Kura Hulanda area including an interesting museum.

Street Art

Motif: "3 o'clock Romanticism" - one of countless many fantastic street paintings

Blue Curaçao Liqueur Factory / Chobolobo
Chobolobo in the middle of Willemstad, Original bottles of "Blue Curaçao" Do you notice anything?

If you would like to know more about other places to visit while your stay on the island, you can either buy a travel guide book or download the free E-book for more in depth information.

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