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Holidays with Don Genaro means holidays from the start!

Don Genaro offers a whole range of free services so you don't have to worry about anything and can enjoy your vacation from the start. Just start dreaming. We do the rest.

Services Don Genaro Curacao


For a relaxed arrival, we will personally pick you up from the airport and of course bring you back to the airport on time.

Also, on the day of arrival we will drive past the ATM and the local mini market.

Car Rental Curacao

Rental car

You can also reserve a rental car at Don Genaro. And because tastes are different, we offer rental cars of various sizes and equipment.

From "low budget" to "a bit more luxury".

All rental cars are provided for you at the apartment and you can simply leave the car there on the day of your departure. This saves time and nerves.

Don Genaro Curacao

Reception and Introductory session

We will be there for you, from the moment you book, your arrival and during your entire stay. We will be happy to meet you in our reception to answer every question, every concern or reserve interesting excursions for you.

We offer an one-hour personal introductory session on the property in which you will also have to opportunity to ask questions and tell us your wishes so we can advice each guest personal and individually.

Events Don Genaro Curacao

Palapa - Events

In our palapa it is mostly social. Cocktail evenings and BBQ evenings take place here regularly. Sometimes, however, the palapa also becomes an oasis of relaxation and well-being, whenever there are massages, pedilures or manicures.

Souvenirs Don Genaro Curacao

Don Genaro small souvenir shop

In our souvenir shop you will find genuine local handicrafts such as these calabash tea light vessels, but also great aloe products from the world's largest aloe farm on Curacao. If you want to do something for your health, we will advise you in detail about our Moringa products from our own cultivation.

Holiday Check Don Genaro Curacao

Don Genaro has achieved 6 out of 6 possible points 12 times in a row and thus has a 100% satisfaction rate

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