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Terms & Conditions

Rental object and key

1.1 The landlord rents out to the tenant the accommodation specified in the attached binding booking confirmation for the time and number of people specified in the confirmation.

1.2 The rental property is fully furnished and equipped.

1.3 In the event of unsatisfactory cleaning, the guest has the right to rectification if he notifies our on-site property management team immediately upon arrival.

1.4 The tenant receives 1-2 front door / apartment keys for the duration of the rental period.


Rental period, arrival and departure

2.1 The rental property is rented to the tenant for the period specified in the binding booking confirmation.

2.2 The rental property can be moved into flexibly between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. on the day of arrival. If an airport shuttle is agreed, the renter is obliged to provide the exact flight details in advance.

2.3 Earlier or later arrival times must be clarified with the owner / manager in advance. Please note that there may be occasional delays in moving into your holiday apartment due to cleaning work or the departure of guests.

2.4 On the day of departure, the tenant leaves the holiday apartment by 10:00 a.m. at the latest, unless the tenant has booked a late check-out, which is subject to a fee.

2.5 If you want to stay in the accommodation longer on the day of departure due to a late return flight, please clarify this with the manager on site so that the airport shuttle can also be guaranteed here.


Rental price and payment method

3.1 The complete rental price is specifically itemized in the attached binding booking confirmation or invoice.

3.2 The travel amount is to be paid as follows:
If you book directly from our official website it is required to make a deposit of 25% of the entire amount. If you book from any other external website such as, etc., it is required to make a deposit of 300 euros / or. 300 US Dolar and is to be paid within 7 days to the account specified by the landlord in the booking confirmation. The deposit is also a processing fee and is non-refundable.

The remaining payment is to be paid to the same account four weeks before departure. If the time between the start of the trip and the booking confirmation is shorter than four weeks, the entire amount must be paid immediately. If the tenant defaults on the down payment or the final payment, the landlord is entitled to terminate the contract without notice and to rent the rental property to someone else.

3.3 After the end of the rental period, the tenant must vacate the rental property and hand over the broom to the landlord / manager in a proper condition and hand over the keys to the landlord / manager or leave them in the property on the instructions of the landlord / manager.

3.4 Pets are not allowed

3.5 Please note that this is an allergy-free house and therefore smoking is not permitted inside the rooms. Smoking is permitted on the terraces.


Cancellation and termination of stay

4.1 If the tenant cancels (terminates) the contract before the start of the rental without naming a new tenant who enters the contract under the same conditions, a cancellation amount of 5 to a maximum of 10% is to be paid, taking into account the saved expenses.

The deposit / processing fee of 300 euros is non-refundable.

The amount of saved expenses varies from person to person and is determined by the landlord when creating the cancellation invoice.

Cancellation fees:

  • 0% = no cancellation fee if a booking is canceled more than 12 months before arrival.

  • 50% of the travel price for a cancellation from the beginning of the booking up to 4 weeks before the start of the journey (apartments) or 6 weeks (Tikki Balu holiday home).

  • 80% of the travel price for cancellations of less than 4 weeks (apartments) or 6 weeks (Tikki Balu holiday home).

  • 100% if the guest cancels on the day of arrival.

4.2 If the tenant breaks off the stay prematurely, he remains obliged to pay the full rental price or there is no repayment.

4.3 Cancellation or termination can only be made in writing. The day on which the declaration is received by the landlord is decisive. You will find the contact details both on our letterheads and on our website.

4.4. Exception Corona: If the flight is canceled / not operated by the airline due to the Corona pandemic of 2020 or if entry through the country of Curacao is prohibited, the conditions / repayment modalities on the basis of "booking without risk" apply: For all bookings that from 1.5.2020 this means

that we will refund 100% of the down payment (flat rate of 300 euros) as well as the remaining payment (four weeks before arrival) in the event that the flight does not take place on the day of arrival.


Liability and obligations of the tenant

5.1 The rental property, including the furniture and the other items in it, are to be treated with care. The tenant has to encourage the persons accompanying and / or visiting him to be careful.

5.2 The tenant is liable for culpable damage to the rental property, furniture or other objects in the rental property by him or those accompanying him. If the key is lost, the cost of replacement must be reimbursed. If it is a security key, a lump sum of € 200.00 is due.

5.3 Any damage found must be reported to the landlord or manager immediately.

5.4 If tenants cause damage to the building or furniture, the damage must be compensated.


Written form severability clause

6.1 Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be ineffective or unenforceable or become ineffective or unenforceable after the conclusion of the contract, this shall not affect the validity of the rest of the contract. The ineffective or unenforceable provision should be replaced by an effective and enforceable provision whose effects come as close as possible to the economic objective pursued by the contracting parties with the ineffective or unenforceable provision.


Place of jurisdiction

7.1 The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising between the parties from the contractual relationship is Curacao. Local law applies.

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