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Discover nature

There is hardly a better place in the world than Curaçao if the harmony of body, mind and soul is important to you, because Curaçao not only has wonderful beaches to offer, but also fascinating nature. This is the impressive “other side” of Curaçao. Curaçao is an island for individualists and independent explorers, but of course there are also many interesting and lovingly guided tours to get to know nature in a unique way.

A selection of the 10 most beautiful or remarkable spots that you should visit:

1. Shete Boca
2. Christoffelpark
3. Hato Caves
4. Blue Room
5. Flamingos / Salt Lakes
6. Watamula
7. Hofi Pastor
8. Dinah Veeris Herb Garden & other
9. Hidden Trails / Mar
ijkes Trail
10. Hofi Mango

If you would like to know more about other amazing and beautiful nature reserves of the island, you can either buy a travel guide book or download the free E-book for more in depth information.

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