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Prachtige stranden & kristal helder water

Curaçao is een eiland voor mensen die van het zeeleven houden. Er is een veelheid aan wilde en romantische baaien en kristalhelder water. De mooiste stranden liggen in het noordwesten van het eiland, precies daar waar Don Genaro is gevestigd.

Beach Map Curacao
Curacao – Beaches    

Lots of sun and more sea

Curacao is an island for people who love the sea. There are a number of wild, romatic bays and well managed beaches. All with crystal clear water. Curacao is a very special Caribbean Island - especially when it comes to the sea and the beaches. The Caribbean Sea is so "friendly" that people who are afraid or who cannot swimm will learn to love the sea, because the irresistible, bright turquoise water quickly makes you lose your fear of the cool water. The water is crystal clear like hardly anywhere else in the world. The water temperature is also just right - all year around. The Caribbean Sea is very salty, so swimming on the water is extremely easy. Swimming and snorkeling water is simply a wonderful element and just swimming in the turquoise blue sea of the Caribbean with its gentle waves is an unforgettable experience. But for anyone who has only swum and not snorkeled, it is highly recommended to give it a try. Beaches you can tell the depth of the sea by color. You can mostly still stand up to a depth of around 4 meters and the color of the water is light blue to turquoise. After that it gets deeper and where the dark blue color starts, it gets really deep. The most beautiful beaches can be found in the northwest of the island, in Banda Abou. But the answer to the question of which beach the most beautiful is, is not easy to find because it is a "matter of taste". Some like the managed beaches with good infrastructure, where there is more "action". Others love the dreamy bay, where you are often alone. Here you can also enjoy very beautiful romantic sunsets.

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