Reasonable prices and fair conditions

Prices at Don Genaro's apartments have always been the same. There is no charge for specific seasons. We also will not charge extra for Christmas or Easter. And it will stay this way.



All prices are for one night, 7% taxes excluded.

Minimum rental: 7 nights


* only available as short notice bookings

Which means: you can book the house for the price of 100 Euros (net price) per night for two in case the house is still available six weeks prior to your planned trip.


Terms of payment:

After booking, we will ask you to pay a deposit of 100 Euros (apartment) or 200 Euros (vacation house or whole castle) and transfer the amount to our German account.


Upon receiving the payment, you will receive the official confirmation of your booking and a bill with the remaining amount. Please transfer the remaining amount up until 4 weeks prior to your travel.


Terms of cancellation:

Once a guest cancels a booking of an apartment or vacation house, Don Genaro's will charge the following fee:

50% of the total amount up until 4 weeks prior to arrival (apartments) or 6 weeks (vacation house)

80% of the total amount under 4 weeks prior to arrival (apartments) or 6 weeks (vacation house)

100% when cancelling on the day of arrival.