The Palapino was built at the beginning of 2016 and is our personal final project and our absolute gem. We have tried to build comfortable accommodation for two in the middle of mother nature so that the accommodation and nature form a harmonious unit.

In the Caribbean, houses are colorful and so is our Palapino, of course. And everything is round shaped.


Our Palapino's roof which is made of palm leaves can hardly be described, you would have to see it with own eyes

  • if you like to live right in the middle of nature and still do not want to give up comfort
  • if you love a little adventure without getting into serious danger
  • if you want to finally cook and shower outdoors, however, want to sleep safely indoors
  • if you want to observe and welcome hummingbirds, bananaquits and gekkos as house guests
  • if you love plants and are curious about tropical tree fruits
  • if you prefer original colonial furniture instead of Ikea furniture off the rack
  • if you love hardwood shutter windows because the wind passes through
  • if you like LED light and solar energy better than cold energy-saving lamps
  • if you like to experience how warm cold water can be in the shower
  • if you prefer to take a few steps to our relaxpool in the evening with a glass of wine and don't miss watching television

... then you have come to the right place! The Palapino.