Don Genaro's team

We are there for you in Curacao!

Christopher und Elke
Christopher und Elke

We, Christopher Böhm and Elke Verheugen,  made our dream come true and built a small paradise for vacations on the island of Curacao.


In 2010 we had finished our first four apartments.


At the beginning of 2012, we officially opened the Tikki Balu and we finished the construction of the castle and the castle apartments in 2014.


In 2015, we built another relaxation pool and, in 2016, the Palapino followed.


In the fall of 2016, we added the Salettl - a very unusual Bavarian summer house/hut.


Now the ordering of cement and the cooking for the construction workers has ended, because now our grounds are complete.


We would love to welcome you to our small paradise and wish you an unforgettable stay in Curacao.

Our crew:


This was Tara


She was our first dog and accompanied us from 2009 to 2014. She was a little diva but Max fell madly in love with her.








One day he was standing at our door, said Tara, and wouldn't leave. It turned out that Max actually lived on the neighbor's property, however, due to the lack of care and attention he received, he decided to come visit us everyday. At the beginning, the neighbor used to pick him up after work every evening, but that was pointless because Max would just dig another hole under the fence to be with us. So his owner finally came to the realization to just leave his four legged friend here with us permanatly.


"My name is Max and actually I'm a stray dog. When I passed by Don Genaro's in 2012, I fell madly in love with Tara. That is why I stayed.

Tara died unfortunately, however the vacation facility is not so bad. You can live a beautiful life here."


Kiko, Spielanimateur
Kiko, Spielanimateur


In September 2010, he came to us, at death's door. This dog really looked bad, but we simply couldn't say no to those eyes. His name is "Kiko" now and eats us out of house and home, but are very proud of this result because Kiko now weighs 73 lbs, unlike the 21 lbs he weighed when he came to us. He is a very playful and cuddly dog. He is our guests' favorite and, therefore, continuously earns  the title "Employee of the Month".

"I'm Kiko. I weigh 72 lb and I'm the best ball boy on the island. I catch every ball easily in the air. Please try. I will play with you!"



This is Fratz. The "man of the house" and wears the pants. He is very relaxed, but also very curious. Sometimes he likes to hang out in the garden for a bit, but the rest of the time he lies on his cuddly pillow here in the office. He really likes that.


"Hello? Anybody home? My name is Fratz, which is German for Nosy Rosy. I simply have to check out the new arrivals, and the rest of the time I like to sleep. I look forward to meeting you!"



Addi sometimes leaves the house for days. This worried us in the beginning, but in the meantime we have become used to it, because sooner or later he always finds his way back home or to our guests.


"I'm Addi, the black and white cuddler. I like to stay with "Mom", even though she is more the dog-loving one. During the day, I'm always wandering around and in the evening I sometimes miss dinner time, so "Dad" always gives me something to eat late in the evening.

Bummerang & Co. Boomerang & Co.

My name is Boomerang and I'm one of five turtles.  Of Course we have grown quite a bit since we came here because Don Genaro's guests feed us very often. You will find us very close to the pool...just in case you don't know what to do with your salad leftovers.


At the moment we are busy chirping away discreetly, however constantly, because we want to make sure we are not ignored and forgotten. Later, we will be responsible for the egg supply at Don Genaro. At least that is the plan. There won't be a rooster though, no way!