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We - Christopher Böhm and Elke Verheugen - have made our dream come true and built a small holiday paradise on Curacao. In 2010 we completed our first 4 apartments. At the beginning of 2012 the Tikki Balu was inaugurated and in 2014 we succeeded in completing the castle and the castle apartments. In 2015 we built another relaxation pool and the Palapino followed at the beginning of 2016. The Sallettl garden house was added in autumn 2016.


Now is the end of ordering cement and cooking for the construction workers, because now the area is in optimal condition. Only the large tropical garden keeps us busy.


We are heartily looking forward to our guests, the "new" and the "old" and we are especially happy about our new, energetic supporter and employee Susanne, who has also lived on the Don Genaro site since 2020 and is your contact person.


With this  paradise in the midst of tropical vegetation we aim to give our visitors an excellent vacation stay.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

See you soon.

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